Old time favorites made simple, not perfect

One of my assignments was to photograph four different setups of food. The requirements were one hot meal & a liquid. The other two could be what ever you like. When I first got the assignment I thought “How the hell am I suppose to come up with a creative food setup?” The class was shown numerous examples & I was blown away. How did those images make it from the inside of one person’s mind to reality? That was the question I was suppose to answer and create myself. I went to Wegmans (a beautiful grocery store) & walking in there for the first time, I was blown away. I never knew a grocery store could look that amazing, but thats not the point. I went there to shop for food for my studio shoot. I didn’t know what I wanted to photograph, my mind was trying to create something perfect that wasn’t created just yet. I was OVER THINKING the whole assignment. When creating an image, you can’t just photograph anything, it must have a meaning, an emotion or something to draw someones attention. I’ve finally come to a decision to photograph cupcakes. Something simple as cookies & milk? Apparently so. I believe I only used one light to photograph the whole shoot. Some people are just blown away with the power of what one light does to a photograph. I used a regular medium sized soft box and back lit it from the left corner. At first I was clueless of how to properly light food, my instructor gave me some tips that helped me. I should have added a second strip light to the right side for a small highlight effect but I didn’t. Pretty simple to just photograph right? WRONG! The cupcakes must be beautiful composed, properly placed, & most important get close as possible to show the texture of the food. You want someone to drool over your photograph just because it looks so great. Photographing food for the first time was a difficult challenge. I never photographed food before, besides using “Instagram” & applying different filters to take food selfies.

I handed this image in for critique, most student liked the imaged. I myself did not like the image. Is it a good image? Sure it’s a good image, but a good enough image to draw someones attention out of a magazine or something or across the room hanging from a wall? In all reality its not a photograph that is going to “WOW” people. It’s just a simple photograph of cupcakes.


J_Lasky -1


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