Nice & pretty … FAKE!

I was assigned a model portfolio assignment for my fashion class. Each student must turn in eight to ten completely different images of their model. I’m trying to sell my model to different modeling agencies and also build my portfolio reputation. I decided to photograph James. A very good friend of mine for the past two years. We met at a gallery opening that I attended in center city Philadelphia. My model photographs very well. I usually have no trouble with him and I love to work with him. So for this particular shoot I did, I did a high key clean cut background. I had two co-main lights on either side, same power and height, also used one main with an umbrella at a higher power. James had told me he had makeup on, I didn’t even notice. He will always throw on makeup before a photo shoot, but doesn’t wear it everyday in public. A trend that is starting to pick up is the digital makeup & also makeup in general. I personally don’t care for digital makeup but it may be something I have to apply for a special client in the future. Everyone wants to look so perfect. Here’s the thing, were not all perfect, male or female. Does one look better than one another? Yes… but that doesn’t mean to put yourself down. You are who you are as a person. Certain people go to extreme measures to fight for the spot they want in the fashion industry. They starve themselves, they get surgery, they do all sorts of different things & where does it get them? Sometimes it does pay off. Is it worth it? I don’t know, you’d have to ask that model. I’d rather photograph someone with a cool personality than someone who looks perfect and would look good for my portfolio & further me in my career. Now that hurts. It’s not all about looking the best, it’s all about being true to who you are. Because fashion is so big in today’s society, that industry has set standards such as you must be super thin, with makeup, you can’t do manual labor, you just simply look good for the camera. To me, what kind of a life is that? Everyone doing something for you at every moment? No, not me. I’d rather get down and dirty and work for what I want in life. You can’t rely on people to wait on you hand and foot, because honestly you don’t know if that person will?  At the end of the day, looks are deceiving. 




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