When you least expect it.

One of my assignments was to go out and photograph a building that looked like a corporate office building for an annual report. I ventured my way into the city with a friend. We took the subway to broad street and walked the city the whole day looking for the right sky scrapper with the right lighting on it. The sun isn’t very easy to work with. Some days it is and other days its not. Walking the city all day was tiring, cold & as photographers were going to get the “image” no matter what it takes. When I was walking around the city, I just can’t snap photographs like one, two, three. As a photographer you must first see your image that you want to photograph and then push the shutter. A photographer’s eye’s see’s differently than the normal citizen of the United States. The image that I’ve posted below in my blog was not set up. I was simply walking on the sidewalk from the other side & I saw this rusted old stair case along the colored brick. It spoke to me in a way. I was not looking for anything, it just happen to be there when I was there. So I photographed it multiple times while the sun was still on it and walked away. I didn’t stay to long, maybe 5 minutes and just kept moving on with my day. When I had uploaded the images to my hard drive, I saw the image & thought… “complimentary color, monochromatic color, transition, & one more but I’m quite not sure”. I had originally used this image for “transition”. My instructor was intrigued by it. He had also said “Finally Jon, a decent image” At first I was appalled, but I knew what he meant. It’s not about looking for the right image, its about coming along and finding an image when you least expect it and making the image work for you & using light to create it.



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