A cup of Tea

I was given a word assignment by one of my instructors. The assignment consisted of several words that the students would have to go out and photograph whether it was created in the studio or found outside the school. That particular week, we were given the word “Liberty”. At first I thought, “how am I suppose to create liberty”? When I think of liberty, I think of freedom, the Declaration of Independence, the statue of liberty etc. We were given two weeks for the assignment. I literally couldn’t think of what I can come up with. A week had gone by and I had nothing. It was in the second week I had thought of something. See, you can’t think and try to create an image. As a photographer, you must let it come to you. At first the thought might come right away but in time it will come. I was about to leave school, it was a monday. I sat in my car and I had three cents in my car at the time. I also wanted a hot cup of tea. Then it dawned on me. “The Boston Tea Party” I tried to remember as much as I can from when I had first learned about it in middle school at the time. I had went out and got the supplies only I didn’t have enough time to make the photograph look like the present time. The photograph you see is a modern interpretation of the tea party. For those of you who don’t know what “The Boston Tea Party” was, you can most likely go on google and research it for yourself. Basically the story is “Taxation without Representation” When I had put the image up on the wall for critique, my instructor didn’t understand it. The goal of the assignment was to create an image so when you look at the image you can interpret what word it meant. The whole class understood my concept and he eventually caught on. I had gotten a good grade on the image and well after the critique, we were given the next word to photograph. It only got more challenging.



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