”Photography was a license to go whenever I wanted and to do what I wanted to do.” – Diane Arbus

One of my favorite quotes by Diane Arbus. Whenever I pick up my camera I  Free from anything and everything. I can go and photograph anywhere I want to in life. I can be in one place today and across the country the next morning. It’s almost as if I feel like its my job to photograph what others don’t see. I have a duty. That duty is to preserve a memory or some sort of meaning or event that happened in time. Photography is never the same. The principle is, but everyday you learn something different whether it’s about yourself, the model/client or the weather & light patterns. As photographer we see things differently with our eyes in everyday life more than the general public does. Some photographer’s don’t have an “eye”, they have the imagination where they simply create a stunning photograph in studio one day at a time. If only the famous inspirational photographers from the 1900’s were here, I wonder what other kind of advice they would give today’s learning photographers besides the famous quotes that they left behind.


”Photography wa…


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