A “Graph-Photo”

This was one of my images I had created for my mini portfolio of strictly candy. I had decided to photograph skittles. Their intimidating to say the least. You think photographing candy is easy but its not. How do you photograph just candy with several table tops & multiple backdrops? Throughout the session, I had ate many of them. They were so delicious but also I was running out of them because I only had brought one little bag. I never thought out of all 150 images I shot throughout the session that I would only need 3 skittles. Shocking right? One of my instructors said to my class “have you ever thought of using the graphic design drawing tables”? They’ve already been drawn on, painted, scratched etc. Its a different form of art, why not take advantage of it? So I’ve decided to use the graphic tables. Their kind of interesting aren’t they? Why should I go to some arts & crafts store to buy something when I have something right at my finger tips? I was very pleased when I took the shots. The skittles just sitting on top of the table with all the graphic design on top was just simply amazing. Some of the other photographs were pretty cool looking but its not about choosing your favorite photograph, it’s about choosing the right photograph for the assignment. Is it sharp? Does it have a interesting composition? Is it color correct? Does it have enough lighting? Sure I had plenty of other images I could of used, but this photograph below had won the competition. When graphic design & photography students work together, they create a work of art like no other. That is what I like about my college. Were “one of a kind”.



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