What do you see when you look at my photograph? What comes to mind? How does it make you feel? The photo that I had created below was done in studio on a Tuesday morning. It wasn’t that difficult to create. Actually it was more fun and challenging. The fun part was using what ever you brought in to class that mooring to drop in the water tank. The challenge was the timing. You had to time the drop in sync with your camera shutter. I had chosen to bring in an incandescent household lightbulb. I wanted to use a CFL light bulb but their just to expensive to waste when your working on a college student salary. I was pleased with the over all image although the more you look at it, it looks blurry. It’s not suppose to be when your using flash. The studio strobes that I was using were not fast enough to stop the action of the lightbulb hitting the water inside the tank. Though it did give the lightbulb a cool effect as if it was blown to pieces. Wouldn’t it be cool if time actually stopped that image from happening? Actually it did in a way but just with a camera. A photographer has made an object stop in time & therefore produced an image afterwords.



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