This is my website

I can’t count how many websites their are out on the internet today. If I had to answer I’d say billions. Today everyone has a website. You have to. Theirs no possible way to not have a website & advertise for free on the internet? So how did I create my website? At first I used . I didn’t really like the features they offered. I then switched to WordPress. That was a DISASTER! … Let alone confusing as all hell to navigate. So I finally found a website host I like “” and well I created

The feature Image of this post is a photograph I took near New Hope, PA on the PA/NJ state line. Everything about that image to me screams happiness. Why? The colors are complimentary colors, its straight, there is a half blue half white gradient (in camera) & well its an image that really sticks out in my opinion.



Long time no update

Hello all,

So I’m not really a blogger… But I’m making it a goal of mine to post something on wordpress here, link it to my website & blog something everyday for the next year starting from today. Theirs millions of people out on the internet & in the world today. It’s time to be a precious gem stone standing out in the crowd.