I was assigned a model catalog for my fashion class about a month or so ago. At that time, I decided to photograph my good friend James who is quite the model. I had wanted to photograph in Bethlehem, PA. We went to the “cat walk” as he called it. It was simply the safety rail located underneath a major motion highway. Walking the half mile bridge, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful Lehigh Valley river. Along the river their was railroad tracks which I had not known about till I had actually saw them myself. The view is just so stunning, you can’t help but not notice everything all at once. Although I was high above in the air, it was peaceful but not because of the heavily moving traffic above us. It was about 3 or 4 pm EST. At that time, the sun had set rather late than early. I was able to capture a nice image of a beautiful landscape. As you can tell its fall because all the leaves on the trees are different colors. I had not looked at the images until later that night. We had such a beautiful day, yet cold and we enjoyed the adventure. Some people might say its dangerous but I’m a photographer. If I want the image, I WANT THE IMAGE! I will try my best to capture the image such as the one I have posted below & I have succeed. I’m not only learning photography (professionally) at Antonelli Institute, it’s taking me on a journey in life where the possibilities and discoveries are endless. Along the way, I network with new people, learn about new cultures, travel to a different state or continent. I love what I do everyday. I intend to keep that until the day I day.



A journey full of good & bad

I’ve decided to photograph a photo of railroad tracks for the word “Truth”. I did not pick any old track out of Philadelphia, I went home to an exact location to photograph these tracks. Actually they were right by my elementary school. When I was in fifth grade, my father had gotten me a train set you build from scratch. It was an H-O scale track & up until about 10th grade I worked my butt off on it to make it the best thing possible. It also gave me something to look forward to every night. Most kids this day and age look forward to drugs & alcohol. Why? Because it masks your pain for one night & then the next day its back to reality? No, that’s not me.  If I ever want to photograph tracks, I usually go to that specific location (Nesquehoning, PA). It was a very over cast and dreary day when I had taken the photograph. I was only there for maybe a half hour. My whole concept was “where does life take you?” Meaning, your life is almost compared to being a railroad car & the main train would be God. Where is he taking you? Who are you going to meet? Why am I stopping here? When will I arrive at my next destination? What is this place? Ask yourself that? Everything & everywhere you go and do in life happens for some reason or another & for each reaction there is an equal & opposite reaction. On the left side of the photograph you can see the ground is level with the tracks. Think of this as the “good” side of your life & everything that happens in it. On the opposite side of the photograph, you can see the ground is below the tracks. Meaning this would be the “bad” side of your life & all that goes wrong & learn from. Take a look at the photograph really close. Do you see the two sides of the track leading on and on into the distance of the photograph (depth of field)? The two tracks resemble an “A”. You want to always strive for an “A” what ever and where ever you go in life. Meaning, “give it your best shot”  “If at the first time you fail, give it a shot the second time, & if you fail again, third times a charm” Never say never, expect the unexpected, & strive for success. At the end of the day, cars don’t stay on the track forever. They at one point either derail, or veer on a different path to new journey. Life is big empty box in a way. You never know what is inside of it until you open it.

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