A lot of photographers think that if they buy a better camera they’ll be able to take better photographs. A better camera won’t do a thing for you if you don’t have anything in your head or in your heart. – Arnold Newman

Many people out in today’s society think that when they have a professional grade camera that they are a quote “photographer” Their NOT! They are just simply an everyday human that knows how to make a camera work. Their are masters of photography that learned from scratch with film. They took the time out of day to work on what they were passionate about. Today’s society is totally different than the past. They didn’t have the technology back then like we do today. I believe technology makes us lazy when not taught the right way. What would we people do today if we didn’t have technology? The same thing we did in the past. Communicate with each other and have respect for one another. The only way you create better images is connecting with yourself on a more personal level within your heart and soul to find that deep passion you have for your career. 


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I don’t think there’s any such thing as teaching people photography, other than influencing them a little. People have to be their own learners. They have to have a certain talent.
Imogen Cunningham

I agree with this quote very much. I attend Antonelli Institute in Glenside, PA. Its a professional private art college specializing in graphic design & photography. When I first came to the school I was so passionate, eager, & just ready to photograph. Little did I know our whole first year was black & white film. Film was a challenge specially 35mm & 4×5. My first role of film came out completely blank … literally! I must had did this ten times or so before I got actual images. I found out it was my film advance inside the camera. I specifically remembering the one instructor (who is no longer with us today) saying “I commend you on your work efforts. Most people would have given up and you just kept going & going” That meant something to me. You must believe in yourself in order for yourself to succeed in life. When other people where it be friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend believes in you, that also helps aid in success. After I had finished my first whole year of film I was kind of relieved. Their is so much work to developing film and well some of my classmates just didn’t care. I’m thinking “why are you even at this college when you don’t care?” I was planning on returning to college for my second year. That didn’t happen due to financial reasons. So I got myself a full time job in a warehouse & made money for myself even living with my parents. Later that year, I had lost my father. Little did I know I didn’t expect to return to college in 2013 without a father. The only thing I did was move forward. Time doesn’t stop for anyone. So during my third semester I had trouble refocusing myself back on track with my photography. It was rough at first but after week 8, I had picked myself up & took it to another level. My images improved and I also improved as a person. Now that its the finial week before Christmas break, everyone is starting to lose their touch. Imogen Cunningham was right, there are certain people with a niche talent for their photography & others well I think for them its just a hobby. 

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”Photography was a license to go whenever I wanted and to do what I wanted to do.” – Diane Arbus

One of my favorite quotes by Diane Arbus. Whenever I pick up my camera I  Free from anything and everything. I can go and photograph anywhere I want to in life. I can be in one place today and across the country the next morning. It’s almost as if I feel like its my job to photograph what others don’t see. I have a duty. That duty is to preserve a memory or some sort of meaning or event that happened in time. Photography is never the same. The principle is, but everyday you learn something different whether it’s about yourself, the model/client or the weather & light patterns. As photographer we see things differently with our eyes in everyday life more than the general public does. Some photographer’s don’t have an “eye”, they have the imagination where they simply create a stunning photograph in studio one day at a time. If only the famous inspirational photographers from the 1900’s were here, I wonder what other kind of advice they would give today’s learning photographers besides the famous quotes that they left behind.

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